The SERES Company Ltd. for Mechanical Engineering and Trade is an enterprise in Hungarian property.
Our company’s profile is the manufacturing of superstructure for communal vehicles and service activities of hydraulics
and of machines.
The main profiles of our company are the followings:A Seres Kft. pécsi központja

Our premises are located in Pécs and Barcs.
The number of the employees is of ca. 95 persons.
Our technologies: dexign with computer, CNC cutting, plasma cutting and welding under protecting gas.Barcsi telephely
Since 1998 we have worked in the ISO quality assurance system.

The ISO environment control system has been introduced in 2008 at our company. Our target is the long term operation of our company by keeping the present profile and to manufacture such products and goods with high quality, which are in accordance with the market’s requirements.

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