Container transporting vehicles with hook


The GERGEN telescopic lifting device with telescopic hook is to be considered from all points of view as a multi- faceted product. Lifting force between 4 and 40 tons, with transportable tank- lengths between 2,75 m and 9 m – all of them won’t mean any problem. Thanks to the double quick running of the GERGEN GDS, the quick container moving is possible on alll work areas.


The K-letter means a wrist. Thanks to the telescopic lever equipped with wrist, quite low rolling- pulling up angles can be reached. Also this tool is available with several lifting units in longitudinal version as well.


The legendary GERGEN lifting device with hook, with double wrist.
Due to its special kinematic characteristics, the lever with hook with double wrist has a quite high lifting force, while the pick-up and put-down angle are relatively low. This is a unavoidable tool nowadays in the construction industry and at performing of special tasks.