With loading on the side (SKO)

Container transporting vehicles with loading from the side (SKH)

SKO-6500 ATT

  • Own mass: 2,400 kg

  • Lifting capacity: 6.5 t

  • Operation: a tilting structure which is loading up and down from and on a table with two levers from the side

  • Design with telescopic crane

  • Suggested total roller: 12-14 t

  • Suggested distance of the shafts: 3500 – 3,900 mm

  • The operating appliance will be controlled from the driver’s cabin, from the electric control board, at the end of the superstructure, mechanically from the control block

  • Necessary capacity of the auxiliary gear: 26 kW (285 Nm)

  • Cycle time for lifting to the table: 25 sec

  • Emptying hook: it can be operated from a pneumatic control board

  • Surface preparation: metal blasted, with primaty paint, color painting in two layers

  • Containers to be lifted: to be lifted from the side 2.5-5 m³