With filling in on the side

LoToS – vehicle to be loaded on the side

The LoToS with loading possibilities on the side offers an economical and practical system solution to the strict separation of the waste collecting and transport in a single person operation mode. The filled up container will be further transported on public road by a tilting vehicle with rolling down container. The ACTS transport on railway is also possible. The collecting can be immediately continued with the new container. The LoToS – system belongs of vehicles with loading on the side, of a tranship station and of different containers.

The benefits of the above mentioned issues are the followings:


  • LoToS lifting series with tilting equipment with chamber to empty the containers MGB 60 l / 80 l és 120 l / 240 l.

  • It can be shifted to the side, it makes possible on that way to pick up the containers in a distance of 2600 m calculated from the outside edge of the vehicle .


  • Two hydraulically driven pulleys, moving continuously into the opposite direction to each others, without neutral gear stroke provides the continuous pick- up of the waste.

  • Extremely still compression operation

  • At shut-down by the operation of the pulleys into the opposite direction the compression unit and the container can be simply and accurately separated.

Container handling equipment with chain:

  • It enables to put down the container to the ground or its direct tranship to a trailer, and to ACTS waggons.

  • The empying can be realized by back-side tilting.

  • The entire exchanging operation takes 6 minutes at the maximum.

Electronics / control system on the board:

  • Terminal with ergonomic design, with a high resolution, color TFT monitor providing error display with text

  • CAN- bus between the terminal to be found in the driver’s cabin and the board computer.

  • CleANopen fit-out already at the Type LoToS as well!

  • The proportional control of the moving procedures with joystick or from the keyboard


  • Volume of the container: 22 m3, 24 m3 or 27 m3

Running gear:

  • Running gear with three shafts for public operation vehicles, manufactured in serial production
    Short shaft gap thanks to the fact that the lifting equipment is located in the middle, under the loading and compressing unit.


  • Additional emptying by the pick-up arms with cog according to the standard DIN 30722 in the case of containers of 1,1 m3

  • Diamon container picking up structure to the containers of 120/240 l

  • To the alternative application of DUO- containers to the alternate use on LoToS vehicles

  • Weighing and identification system