Vessel washing unit

Flushing machine for vesssels- KH EM 16-4 – Waste collecting unit

Technical parameters

  • Sewage water storage tank for 20000 l clean water and 2×1000 l sewage water

  • flushing rotating head: max. operating pressure: 350bar

  • max. pressure 390 bar

  • Water capacity: max. 40l / minute

  • Outside flushing gun to the full washing

  • Flushing cycle times (emptying the vessel and its lifting haven’t been calculated):
    – 1 piece of small vessel of 240 l or 2 pieces of small vessels of 110 l: 60s
    – 2 pieces of small vessels of 110 l: 90s
    – 1 piece of big vessel of 1100 l: 95s

The flushing unit is a system installed to the waste collecting unit and the system assembled to it, which flushes the internal surface of the vessel with high pressure warm water with 2 pieces of separately rotating flushing heads.
The outside flushing of the vessel is done with separated flushing gun.