Collecting tank with extendible wall

HARD PRESS F-2K 20. 13+7 m3 waste collecting target machine with compressing system

Collecting tank with extendible wall

  • Version is split lengthwise

  • Volume of the collecting tank: 13+7m3

  • Welded, volume optimised collecting tank

  • Lifting positions are at the corner points of the collecting tank

  • The bottom of the tank is welded fluid tight

  • Double-acting hydraulic, telescoping power cylinders (2), for moving the extendible wall, which is guided on the longitudinal beam on the side

  • Continuously regulating valve, for adjusting the back pressure of the extendible walls

  • Rubber seal between the receiver and the collecting tank

Receiver tank

  • Version is split lengthwise

  • Huge loading receiving area: with a volume of 1×1.05+1×0.65m3

  • S-K4 type combined feeding equipment for emptying the tank, which size is according to DIN or EN (up to 2x240l – 1×1,100l plus up to 1x240l)

  • The trough plate is made of 10mm wide, excessively wear-resistant steel in XAR 400 quality, in order to increase its life

  • The bail covering plate is made of high hardness steel

  • The hydraulic latching of the receiver tank is on the collecting tank

  • The sealing of the receiver tank connection is on the collecting tank

  • Built in a closed way, so there is no waste sedimentation, and it can be cleaned without any trouble

  • Emptying the loading tank without remainders, by cleaning cycle

  • The control of the equipment can be automatic, semi-automatic or manual