Container weighing

Authenticated container weight measuring + container identification. Executor: Seres – Adutrade

The special balances can be installed on newly bought vehicles, but also on old ones. The measuring cells can be authenticated, so the weight measured by them can be regarded as the base for the accounting of the service.

Measuring cells – interface

The balance system is capable of weighing all the waste materials collected by garbage trucks, container trucks of public or industrial etc. means at each depository places, and to give a receipt for the recipient on the received load that could be used as a base for accounting. In the case of community garbage transportation an identifying microchip must be installed on the container, afterwards the resident will be automatically identified, the measuring results will be transferred to the centre, where the invoice can be engrossed based on the received data. With this method the system will be “just” and the provider will also find his account. We recommend launching a “pilot project”. The setting of the project could be small areal unit that could be provisioned by one or two vehicles.

RFID Chip readers

All containers can be registered by placing RFID identifying chips on them.

On the board system

The system on the board has a touch screen interface. It maintains a GPRS 2 way connection with the office’s data system, so the operator can aid the driver even while he is driving. Data (concerning routes, driver, identification codes, km, time, etc.) are stored automatically, so the driver does not have to work with printed lists and documents.