Tranship station


The LoToS tranship station is able to the compression of different wastes in the connected container, extended the flexible and economical LoToS waste management ideas by a further component. The LoToS – system belongs of loading units on the side and on the back side, of a tranship station and of different containers.


The compression equipment works with two transporting pulleys running to the opposite direction of each others, specially designed, electro-hydraulically driven. The material handling capacity’s value is of 4 m3/min.
The full stage of the container is signalled by a rotating emergency blinker. The procedures can be controlled and monitored over an intergated computer.
The transport of the base structure of the compressing unit (without dosage hopper) and the placing of the LoToS containers to the base structure can be carried out by a tilting -lifting device in accordance with the standard DIN 30722.

Application areas:

  • To such plastics, like gasoline cans, bumpers and instrument board covers

  • To selected -mixed construction wastes

  • To such wastes, like the paper, light package materials, bio- and household wastes, industrial wastes in appropriate quantity

  • The filling- in can be done from a waste collecting faciity by draining on it, by crampon machines or by conveyor

Benefits compared to the storage units with waste compression equipment:

  • Compression of wastes of 580 kg wastes /m3, and /or up to the value of 1:4.

  • It can be changed with the help of an optionally transportable dosage hopper.

  • Quick and still compression by transporting pulleys running into the opposite direction of each others.

  • Higher filling quantity at each container, on that way reducing of the number of the transport’s turning ways.

  • Compatibility with the LoToS containers with back- filling, and with the DUO- containers.

  • It enables flexible container transport, combined with the traffic on public roads and on railway.

Technical parameters:

  • Lenght with the container and with dosage hopper: 8,350 mm

  • Width with the dosage hopper: 2,800 mm

  • Height with the dosage hopper, without container: 2,360 mm

  • Height with the container: 2.590 mm

  • Volume of the filling hopper without dosage hopper: 2,5 m3

  • Volume of the filling hoppe with dosage hopper: 5,6 m3

  • Empty weight without container and dosage hopper: 3,800 kg