Container transporting vehicles with two levers

Gergen container transporting vehicles with two levers

TAK Adonis

Container transporting vehicle with two levers, assembled with protruding crane with bevelled standing- supporting feet.
With automatic emptying hook, with accelerated loading features.
to vehicles with rolling – together mass of 12 – 40 tons.

TAK Adonis2

Container transporting vehicles with high technical level realized in the development of the company Gergen. Remote control with radio, hydraulic container blocking on the sides, fixing. The entire superstructure is galvanized and painted.

TAK OK Adonis

Vehicle with automatic container gripping and lifting structure. Lifting and sinking of containers to be found under the vehicle level, loading to other vehicles (railway waggon, trailer).
The operation is fully automatic, there is no hanging on the chain.

It is a container transporting vehicle which can be used also on tight places because of its small size. Suggested total rolling mass: 6-13 tons Despite of its size it also can be used to move and transport large containers (up to 10 m3).

Container transporting vehicle with enlarged height
It is possible to empty into other vehicles, into rolling containers and high tanks by the container transporting vehicle with high lifting with the type of HG12500.

Cotainer transporting vehicle for the metallurgy industry

The metallurgy container transporting vehicle type Gergen can be properly used at materials with high temperature.
To this very special application several variations and extra equipment are available.